PMV Promotora Mexicana de VehÍculos, a company focused on the transportation and mining of aggregates for the production of cement and construction Specialized in the exploitation and extraction of silica sand, it has 2 open-pit mines and performs the extraction of the material by mechanical means.

Company focused on the manufacture of repairing and restructuring glues, reinforced with additives such as silica sand and other minerals, giving greater resistance and durability to the object where it was used for its repair.

Company focused on repairing damaged roads, providing solutions through products such as cold asphalt used for fast and effective patching, and made with 100% recycled and water-based aggregates, which meet quality and durability without neglecting caring for the environment.

Vitacreto is a company focused on providing safety to Mexican works, offering the best aggregates and additives to obtain a firm and safe construction. We promote the well-being of the environment by recycling raw materials, giving quality to foundry waste.

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