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Mucinno Holding, Inc. negotiates contract with CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V.

Mucinno Holding is pleased to announce that it is negotiating a contract with CEMEX to supply silica sand and provide transport services. It is agreed to keep supplying the multiple concrete plants located in the center region of Mexico with 75,000 tons of silica sand annually. The strategic location of the mine is a beneficial factor for the company since it eliminates the competition in the region.

The sand we are providing in this contract is recycled sand, it means that it is collected from foundry residuals. These residuals are presented in foundry molds that are revalued and processed to have a high-quality raw material as a result. This process reduces the negative impact on the environment and on the community´s health.

Edgar Mucino Castillo, CEO of Mucinno Holding said: “We will be pleased to formalize the supply with a contract, especially with a world class company such as CEMEX.”

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We continue to be leaders in the production and sales of recycled silica sand, a market in which we have no competition.

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Mucinno Holding, Inc, Introductory Statement


First of all, we want to thank you for the patience you have had. In this introductory statement we seek to share the current situation and the future that we have planned with our different projects.

In PMV we are currently operating two own silica sand mines, located in the center and in the southeast of Mexico, from these points we supply to our clients dedicated to the cement industry, and we integrate our product into their production chain which they use as raw material to produce cement. Our service ranges from the exploitation, selection of materials, storage and transport with our own equipment. Our vehicle fleet started in 2021 with 6 units and as of today it is made up of a total of 25 units, with the need to continue with new acquisitions thanks to current and future market demand. In addition to supplying silica sand, we also offer to our clients: freight services, transporting their aggregates and forming circuits to obtain a greater profitability.

Edgar Mucino Castillo, CEO of Mucinno Holding said, "We are pleased to have concluded the restructuring process of the company, alongside with the acquisition of the second mine that has set the company to grow at a steady pace. This has allowed the company to extend the fleet and the supply capacity to fulfill a growing demand."

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